Students Won’t Be Afraid to Try These Spanish Tongue Twisters!

In my classroom, I found more students felt encouraged and even redeemed when they could understand what they were reading in Spanish. My challenge in particular was choosing level-appropriate text, but more so finding this type of text in the target culture that students would be interested in. I don’t want to admit how much time it took cultivating it!

I wanted to save other teachers all that time and hassle, so I was excited to work with Paula Twomey on her collection of reading: available here! What I like about this collection is it’s a one-stop-shop for these type of readings and I don’t have to make a worksheet of activities to go with it. The activities vary, including personal reflections, webquests, crossword puzzles, and more.

Here is an example excerpt from the book, on the popular Spanish tongue twisters. I hope you enjoy! My students would have fun trying to say them in class. If you thought English tongue twisters were difficult, that’s nothing!

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If you’d like to see more readings from Spain, please check out the full version of Paula Twomey’s book, Lecturas culturales de España.

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