Students Conquer Pronunciation Skills with This Freebie!

As a teacher, it was always a challenge to get my students to work on their pronunciation of the target language. It was not necessarily a difficult concept to teach—I would have fun drawing a cartoon profile of where they would place the tongue in their mouth. Rather, it just took time in an already-packed schedule, full with pep rallies, the already-set dates for assessments we had to take across the district, and other school functions. What I like about this book is that, through a form of a game, students will both perfect their pronunciation as well as practice memorizing vocabulary. Additionally, instead of it being a rote memorization practice, most terms are given within a context they are often used. For example, “I like” would be used with “pizza” or “to dance and sing.” At the very least, this gives students a point of reference for how to integrate the expression into a conversation or dialogue.

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I hope you enjoy this sample excerpt. If you do, please check out the original book of the full card game that I wrote, Dígalo, containing the most common terms taught in Level 1 of Spanish.

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