A Look Ahead… December Edition, 2019

December 1, 1988

Benazir Bhutto becomes prime minister of Pakistan and the first woman to govern a Muslim nation.

December 5, 1782

Martin van Buren is born. He is the first president born in the U.S. after it declared independence from Britain.

December 19, 1732

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin publishes the first ever edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac.

December 20, 1956

The Montgomery Bus Boycott ends when the Supreme Court rules that segregation of public transit is illegal.

December 25, 1821

American nurse and philanthropist Clara Barton is born. She goes on to found the American Red Cross.

December 31, 1999

Y2K panic grips the globe when people fear computers will not be able to process a -00 date, which could result in a worldwide technological crash.

🌟 December Featured Resource 🌟

How to Read a Map Chart

Can your students read a map?
Cool, illustrated reminders help show them how!

36 x 24 inches. Laminated.

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